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Chocolate Presentation – English
Slide 1
Topic: Introduction
Pictures: The six that are already on ChocoPPP, of chocolate.
Say: The invention I am doing is Chocolate.
Text: Chocolate

Slide 2Topic: History
Pictures: Mayans, Cacao Pods, Aztecs, Conquistadors from Europe.
Say: The food millions of people love was first found by the Mayans, and eventually spread to the rest of Americathrough Mexico and the Aztec Empire. To the Aztecs, cacao beans which are used to make chocolate, were literally food for the Gods. They were even used as money for a while! Modern Chocolate firstcame into being when conquistadors from Europe came to America, and brought it back. This is when his dark confection first came into the Western World.
Text: The Grand History of Chocolate

Slide 3Topic: Production of Chocolate
Pictures: My Own Picture of the Process until Shipped.
Say: Chocolate actually does grow on trees. The cacao pods in South and Central America are plucked and openedby harvesters. The cacao beans inside will still be sticky from the pulp of the pod. To dry them, they are left in pits or wooden bins covered with banana leaves. After the process of fermentation isfinished, the sugar from the beans has turned into acid and the pale color has turned brown. After this, the beans are dried in the sun for a week and shipped to a factory.
Text: From the Pod to theBean

Slide 4
Topic: Production of Chocolate
Pictures: My own Picture of the Process until Chocolate Bar.
Say: At the factory, the cacao beans are sifted, weighed, and sorted. Next, the cacaobeans are roasted in large, rotating ovens. After this, the cacao beans are cracked and winnowed, leaving broken pieces called ‘nibs’. These ‘nibs’ are now crushed and ground into a thick paste calledchocolate liquor. The manufacturer will now add things like sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, and milk. It is then stirred, cooled and heated several times. This is then poured into a mold and...