Adam savage

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This video was about the obsession of one great man, Adam Savage, most of the people know him as the Host of ‘’Mythbuster’’ on the Discovery Channel. He’salso a longtime special-effects artist working in many movie such Star Wars 1&2 and Matrix sequels. In this 15 minutes video he talks about is obsession inthe life, like props (theatrical property) building and He want to build by his hands almost everything he seen on TV or on movie.
But he was speciallyobsesses about two thing, Dodo and the Maltese Falcon and he want to show us the process of their building. So, he starts collecting data on dodo because hewanted to build his own dodo skeleton. He fills up more than 20 GB on his hard drive just with dodo pictures. Now imagine how much photo does he had, more than 17000 growing constantly. Whit this huge amount of photo he was able to make an idea about the size of each bone he will have to reproduce. Finally after sixweeks of sculpture and painting, he made it!
Furthermore, this is not finish; he had to find another thing to create. Consequently he found the MalteseFalcon, props from a Warner Bros film in 1941. He was able to make it whit resin, but he doesn’t like the result because of the weight, so he goes on a propsforum and someone propose take the mold and do it in bronze for him. But, again there’s a problem. Because, every time you take an object to make a mold youlost volume. As a result, it lost ¾ of an inch in the final bronze sculpture. For this purpose, he wants to see one of the real props to make a laser scan.
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