Advantages and inconvenients of e-commerce

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E-commerce provides many new for businesses and consumers to communicate and conduct business. Although we can consider E-commerce is important, specialand useful, we cannot omit that there are some disadvantages; which can make us careful about it.
So, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of conducting business in this manner.E-commerce advantages:
Some advantages that can be achieved from E-commerce include:
- Access the global market place: the Internet spans the world, and it is possible to do business with any businessor person who is connected to the Internet. Simple local businesses such as specialist record stores are able to market and sell their offerings internationally using e-commerce. This globalopportunity is assisted by the fact that, unlike traditional communications methods, users are not charged according to the distance over which they are communicating.
- Speed: electronic communicationsallow messages to traverse the world almost instantaneously. There is no need to wait weeks for a catalogue to arrive by post: that communications delay is not a part of the Internet / e-commerce world.- Marketspace: the market in which web-based businesses operate is the global market. It may not be evident to them, but many businesses are already facing international competition fromweb-enabled businesses.
- Opportunity to reduce costs: the Internet makes it very easy to 'shop around' for products and services that may be cheaper or more effective than we might otherwise settle for. Itis sometimes possible to, through some online research, identify original manufacturers for some goods - thereby bypassing wholesalers and achieving a cheaper price.
As a further thought, manybusinesses find it easier to buy and sell in U.S. dollars: it is effectively the major currency of the Internet. In this context, global online customers can find the concept of peculiar and unfamiliar...