Advertising & marketing communication: gillette advertisement campaign

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The Gillette Fusion Power Phenom Campaign

1. The problematic advertising communication

2.1. The Gillette Company
Company history: The Gillette Company was founded in 1901 by King Camp Gillette, a successful salesman. The company, who had at the beginning only one employee, sold 60 million razors 25 years later. Indeed, the World War I has been the trigger of the success ofGillette. Razors became a companion of soldiers, and US army ordered 3.5 millions razors and 36 millions blades. Now, about 600 millions men use Gillette shaving (Gillette. 2011) products. Now shaving products only represent 29% of the sales. They diversified, by integrating the area of pen (Waterman, PaperMate) and cosmetics, but they still spend a lot of money in advertisement for razors. (Regine.2007)

2.2. The Gillette Fusion Power Phenom campaign
The advertisement campaign I chose is for Gillette Fusion Power Phenom, made of a serial of ads starring Roger Federer, Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods. They called the serial "Gillette Champions". The “Gillette Champions” program was launched in Dubai in February 2007 where the three athletes were present. All together, the three featuredappear in 5 commercials, which have been played all around the world. In every commercial, the three of the world’s highest paid sports stars show their respective skills (either with a real ball or an earth-looking ball) with one and only message: We are the best, so we use the best for our skin and our appearance (wn, 2008).
It’s interesting to notice that the “Gillette Champions” program won anaward, the one of the worst ad to appear on UK TV in 2008 (Sweney, M. 2008). In this report, I will try to explain why this campaign has been considered as the worst of 2008, and also give recommendations on how it could have been better. But what’s thrilling is that the “Gillette Champions” program is nothing but the biggest sports marketing campaign in the firm’s 108-yearhistory.

1.2.1. Gillette Fusion Power “Phenom World”
From the range of the half a dozen commercials, I selected the one where each of the 3 “phenom” shows their skills with earth-looking ball by passing it ball to each other. On a soundtrack with explicit lyrics: “the world is mine”, a voice-over says “every day is a new chance to show the world how phenomenal you can be. Start today with theconfidence you get with the new Gillette Fusion Power Phenom. […]. Try the most comfortable shave” This poetic narration ends with their famous catchwords: “Gillette, the best a man can get”.

1.2.2. Gillette Fusion Power “CGI”

Also for their Fusion Power Phenom campaign, Gillette made a Computer-generated imagery commercial. We can see representations of Woods and Federer tryingto reach as fast as they can the Gillette’s display, slowing each other by doing tricks. At the end, they both arrive at the same time to the display, and they seem very happy about their “race”.

1.2. The silliness of the ads
Through a cheesy suave, polish and “class” atmosphere, the concept of interference is trying to be established. The music “The world is mine” by the band Cracker.That was for the “Gillette Fusion Power Phenom World” ad. But the one who received the award of the worst ad of 2008 features a lambda man who is attacked three times by the “three black-suited giggling idiots” (Sweney, M. 2008) with their respective balls because he shave with Gillette Mach III razor. At the end of the ad, the three stars laugh at him for not buying the last Gillette Fusion(Fentiman, P. 2008). Adds to it the lack of creativity and poor graphics (Reaney, J. 2009) and have you got all the ingredients to make a very bad commercial.

1.3. The risks of celebrity endorsment
Our media are overcrowded of celebrities, A lot of people use stars as model, in other words they need to identify themselves in a celebrity personality, especially in the area of personal...