Advertising : who do you think is the intended audience?

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1 ) Who do you think is the intended audience? Why?
The intended audience are the city-dwellers. This ad is targeted on English public. The jingle “fits everywhere” is in English.The product of the ad is a smart, a small car, for an urban custom. It is a car easy to park, real problem in the big cities. The audience is the middle class, because the product is a little expensivefor a car.
The public is not adults only, because the ad is easy to understand, because there is not hidden message, insinuation. The message is direct and can be understood by everyone. We don’tneed explanation to understand the fact that a smart is easy to park, practice in cities.

2 ) How is the ad designed?
This ad is composed in a picture on a wall in the street. There are the twobrands which produce the car, Mercedes and smart. The ad for the smart seems stuck between two others, one for Mercedes and the other seems to be an ad for a Jaguar break.
The ad for smart is alsohigh but much less wide. The cars on the pictures have not the same size. The smart is very small and we can see all the car whereas we see only the front of the Mercedes and the back of the Jaguar.This ad is an exaggeration of the small size of the smart. The smart seems parked between the two other, in a place where no other can park, because of the small size of the place.
Smart lets usimagine that the car is very small and can park everywhere. The message “links everywhere” links the car to his small size. The message is “smart sells cars, but small cars which can park everywhere in thecities”.

3 ) Does the ad have credibility?
This ad is a little funny. The exaggeration is too important to be credible, but we can understand the message. We know that it isn’t a real picture,but the message is clear.
We know that some cars are more able to park that other because of their size, but as small as the picture is impossible. This picture is impossible but the idea and the...
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