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Prof. Marco De Marco


Afflelou: 1 brand name, 30 years, 1000 stores

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Table of contents

1. Management summary 4
2. Business context 4
3. Targets 25
4. Study of feasibility 27
5. Methodology 33
6. Analysis 377. Logical vision 43
8. Physical vision 45
9. Configuration 51
10. Database 55
11. Input / output vision 56
12. Programming 57
13. Test 58
14. Deployment 59
15. Performance checkout 60
16. Handling/ Maintenance 60
17. Costs 61
18. Suggestion and criticism 64

Management summary

Last year, the selling figures of Alain Afflelou, famous brand name in the optical sector, have shown alight increase of 3%. For the second year, we have seen the same tendencies, to know:
* An increase in eyewear sales
* An increase in the number of selling points

Due to this weak increase in sales and an increase in cost, Afflelou group has chosen to focus on the improvement of the actual sales channel. As the result, Afflelou will reduce or even stop temporary the opening of newselling point.

In this crisis context, the development strategies of the group are:
* Help the franchised to survive thanks to attractive offers
* Access the customer catchment area of at least 50.000 people where they are not present.

As the minimum turnover required for a shop is 500.000 € yearly (bruto margin 55%), this will create difficulties to develop this kind of strategiesin this difficult economic context.

That’s the reason why we investigate in the possibility to set up e-business. This will offer the possibility to access those areas with a controlled cost.

We proposed here after to analyze the business case of the potential project.
Business context

The sector of optical distribution, in spite of various and inappropriatetendencies of market, is benefiting from structural factors of growth which offers it, year by year, a positive evolution.

Optics market contains all the devices of view adaptation. View's correction concerns an increasing number of individuals.
Indeed, the optics benefits of the structural trend of ageing of the population (more than 90 % of the persons of more than 60 years old wear glasses,according to a study SOFRES-GIFO). Besides, sociological factors as increasing time past in front of a screen, widen the market of the persons wearing glasses. For several years, the market of equipments of visual correction has integrated the preoccupation for view's comfort as well the type of materials used (ergonomics, weight of frames, safety of glasses, the use of lenses) as the technicality ofglasses (development of the progressive eyeglasses and lenses).
Finally, more recently, eye's protection has become a growing concern, regarding as well sun protection as intensive sport practice. The structural demography growth of customers comes along with level of health system. Actually, the sector of optics depends on the national wealth as well as the cyclical dynamics of consumption.All these factors contribute clearly to a natural growth of persons wearing glasses. This growth is not threatened in the short and medium term. Indeed, the visual correction by refractive surgery is little developed in France and Spain, the markets more advanced in this domain. It seems that the uncertainties linked to this technical have a nasty impact on public's mind, the recourse to thesepractices being in clear slowdown.
Since 1978, the French brand name « AFFLELOU » has known a growing success thanks to a well-established reputation and a continue extension of AFFLELOU’s network, reaching about 1000 stores nowadays, situated in 10 countries all around Europe: France (starting-point of the company), Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Morocco,...