Afghanistan, pakistan, iraq: the last challenge of the western democracies

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  • Publié le : 10 septembre 2010
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Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq: the last challenge of the western democracies |
International relation |
Perrin Jean -philippe
Concerning the events which aggravated inAfghanistan since the beginning of the summer 2009, does it seem indispensable that the Coalition’s troops stay in Afghanistan?
The fight against terrorism is the first reason of the military interventionin Afghanistan. This one is added in 30 years of conflicts in a powerless country but in which the Taliban is determined to repel the forces of the Coalition. The fights rage in Afghanistan and asspeculation gains momentum the public opinion is becoming doubtful of the countries of the Coalition. Is the Coalition capable of fighting in front of Taliban, but also in front of a population whichdoes not recognize necessarily its legitimacy?
The missions of development aid and reconstruction of the country allocated to the troops of the Coalition are henceforth likened to the missions offight and collection of information. This evolution is directly connected to the continuous harassment of the guerrilla warfare but also due to the fact that the military command did not manage todisengage and so left the responsibility with the local authorities. The ambiguity in the distribution of the powers between Afghan government and armed forces hinders the missions of repression of theuprising. France, Germany, Canada, etc. charged from reconstruction, from support for the local populations meet in the front, in the same rank as the American troops today, which redistributed a part ofthe interventions to the allies. The French military intervention then took another face.
The Afghan population is dumb, terrorized by the threats of reprisals of the Taliban but also septic in frontof operations organized by the Coalition. In an already very poor country where the ancestral traditions are really established, it seems impossible to ingratiate the resource less inhabitants. Of...