Aim zero environnement

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  • Publié le : 11 mars 2010
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The document is a succession of two advertisings by the brand Toyota. These two adverts are from a campaign the group published onSeptember 2007, aiming at sensitizing customers about the environment. Actually, the aim of it is a new product that defends environment.

Indeed, on the first picturewe can see a tree on the foreground with a trunk made of human bodies. The background is showing a landscape with much greenery.
The second picture shows us ahand full of ground with a young plant growing inside.

According to me, with those adverts, Toyota wanted to insist on the importance of the nature in Humanbeings’ life. The tree made of human bodies represents the complementarity between the Earth and its inhabitants. One can’t live without the other.
In the secondpicture, it’s a human’s hand holding and protecting what seems to be a young plant. With the young plant plus the ground, which is particularly black and symbol oflife, the hand appears to be holding Life.

Men are on Earth and can survive only thanks to Nature. It gives us food and oxygen. But nowadays, Nature iscontinually attacked by the action of human beings. Because of the climatic disorder, we know that if we continue to destroy our planet, there will be consequences.Toyota’s campaign involves that the group really want to do something in order to reduce emission of CO2, just like the title says: “Aim: Emission Zero”

In brief,Toyota wants to develop a product that preserve environment instead of threatening it. It makes people worry about their future and care about our planet.