Air france vs easyjet : advertising and communication

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Table des matières
1-Objectifs 2
EasyJet promotion or communications strategy 2
2-Market & Audience 2
1-Easy jet &Market 2
2-Easy jet & Communication contexts 2
3-The message & support : Analysis 2
1. Easy jet Logo & Brand 2
2. Strategy: 2
3. Tools 2
3.1 Analysis of some adverts & messages 2
4-Theconstraints 2


The company was originally set up in 1994. As a low-cost airline, looking to undercut traditional carriers such as British Airways, it needed to create a lean operation. To achieve this, Haji-Ioannou decided on a single sales channel in order to survive. He chose the phone. At the time this was pioneering, but the owner was encouraged by companies such as Direct Lineinsurance, and the savings which direct selling would bring.
The Internet is important to easyJet since it helps it to reduce running costs, important for a company where each passenger generates a profit of only £1.50. Savings to easyJet made through customers booking online enable it to offer at least £1 off to passengers who book online – this is part of the online proposition. Online buyers alsobenefit from paying the price of a local call, instead of the standard national rate of easyJet’s booking line.
The easyJet web site became the main sales channel for easyJet from its launch in the 1990s. The Internet was used for service delivery and marketing communications. The benefits of a planned strategy to the e-channels.q
Flight promotions are intended to avoid attracting people who’d flywith easyJet, so advanced booking schemes are intended to achieve that.

EasyJet promotion or communications strategy
EasyJet frequently varies the mix by running Internet-only promotions in newspapers. easyJet ran its first Internet-only promotion in a newspaper in The Times in February 1999, with impressive results. Some 50,000 seats were offered to readers and 20,000 of them were sold onthe first day, rising to 40,000 within three days. And, according to the marketing director, Tony Anderson, most of these were seats that otherwise would have been flying along at 600 mph – empty. The scalability of the Internet helped deal with demand since everyone was directed to the web site rather than the company needing to employ an extra 250 telephone operators.
The web site also acts as aPR tool. Haji-Ioannou uses its immediacy to keep newspapers informed about new promotions and offers by phoning and e-mailing journalists and referring them to the web site rather than faxing.

eCommerce plays a vital part in the easyJet business plan, and is critical to its ongoing success. As a low-cost operation, controlling the cost of doing business is crucial to the airline's ability tooffer low fares. Because the Internet provides the most cost-effective distribution channel, easyJet has aggressively pursued its strategy of encouraging passengers to book their seats online, ensuring that 98% of its seats are now sold online.

" We realized a lot of display previously, because Internet was a small distribution channel, but henceforth we realize less display, because the battletakes place on the Net ", declares François Bacchetta, Chief Executive Officer France of EasyJet. The offline communication thus privileges the local marketing, via media local and free, within the framework of the launch of new products, new services, or to the opening of new lines.

The experts of the e-business of the agency AddviseMedia will take care of the politics of sponsored links, thecreation of advertisements on line and purchases media on line for EasyJet.
While the conquest and e-buyers' development of customer loyalty becomes more and more complex, easyJet decide today to lean more widely on the expertise of AddviseMedia.

2-Market & Audience

Even if Air France and Easy Jet cope with more and more competition in the French and European markets, they target...