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Assegnment 26th November – E-Business & E-marketing
CW2 – Two short reports
Thomas Gaudin

You have recently been employed by a small business in you vocational industry in an e-marketing role.The company is currently B2B but is considering establishing a regular email newsletter direct to end customers that register their email addresses. Advise the company on factors to be consideredFirstly, what is a email newsletter? It's a content broadcast to subscribers by email on a regular schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).It's a link between a company and its customers and/orprospects.A newsletter keeps you in front of clients and/or prospects; gives you a platform for sharing your focus and perspective. On top of that, it's easily forwarded, easily archived, interactive, and hasalmost zero variable cost. For a small company, a newsletter all by itself can serve as a powerful marketing program.

The newsletter is an effective tool provided that it is well made. As a newemployee, I must take into account various aspects to make the newsletter effective and thus advantageous for my company. I would advise my company on several factors:

At first, we have to beattentive about the substance of the newsletter:
-The newsletter must excite the reader and get them interested in reading the rest. The key is to grab your recipient's attention. We have to put ourimportant informations first. The newsletter has to be relevant and timely, especially in the online world, customers have little patience with anything that wastes their time. If we are not discussingissues they want or need to read about, they'll delete it.
-We have to stay focused. It's tempting to cover lots of topics and involve lots of voices within the company. But if we want to stand out as thepublisher of essential information, we need to write a narrow topic focus.
-Just because we are producing a corporate newsletter doesn’t mean it can’t have a personality. We want the reader to...