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Airbus : From Challenger to Leader

AGHINA Sabrina
CHUC Anh-Linh


I. Introduction
II. Slogan and Philosophy of Airbus
III. The company history
IV. Airbus worldwide
V. Airbus products
VI. The aerospace company
VII. External analysis : PESTEL
IX.Airbus’ competitors
X. PORTER’s 5 forces
XI. Keys of success
XII. The gamble of the company
XIII. What did Airbus since 2002
XIV. Conclusion : Challenger to Leader
XV. Recommendations

1. Introduction
Airbus is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial jetliners and military airlifters, having evolved during the past 40 years on the vision, innovation and passionof its employees.
In this document, we will see some different aspect of the Company and the way that it becomes a Leader. To understand, we will begin with a brief history of Airbus Industry and its impact worldwide. Then we show all the different types of product they offer. To a better comprehension of the market we have done a PESTEL that show research on the European Union and a SWOT whoshow the strengths and weaknesses of the product. To finish the first part, we will show an analyze of the major competitors to understand the market in which is Airbus.
The second part will be in favor of all the key success and the gamble of this company. We will see how it became a leadership and what they have done since 2002.
To conclude we decided to make some recommendations on the wayAirbus Industry can conserve it leadership and how they can improve itself.

2. Slogan and philosophy of Airbus

Airbus is one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers.
Airbus has values of excellence and innovation among its culturally diverse employees and considers its customers and suppliers to be part of the work in the interests of safety, quality and performance. Its philosophy it tolisten to its customers and to maintain the thinking which propel them to the leadership : “Nothing is taken for granted.”
Airbus has now a great reputation. People know that an Airbus aircraft is the product of an honest company which brings safety and best performing aircraft as possible.

3. Historic of Airbus Industries
Airbus S.A.S. is an aircraft manufacturing subsidiary of an Europeanaerospace company, EADS. Based in Blagnac, near Toulouse in France, It has significant activity across Europe and it produces around half of the world's jet airliners.
Airbus Industries began in the mid-1960s as partnership of European aviation firms to compete with American companies such as Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and Lockheed. After a try to build an “Airbus”, European aircraftmanufacturers were aware of the risks of such a development and began to accept, that collaboration was required and to compete with the more powerful US manufacturers. By 1966 the partners were Sud Aviation (France), Arbeitsgemeinschaft Airbus, later Deutsche Airbus (Germany) and Hawker Siddeley (UK).
It was decided that each country will have a part to do and Roger Béteille developped a division of labourwhich would be the basis of Airbus' production for years to come: France would manufacture the cockpit, flight control and the lower centre section of the fuselage; UK would manufacture the wings; Germany should make the forward and rear fuselage sections, as well as the upper centre section; The Dutch would make the flaps and spoilers; finally Spain would make the horizontal tailplane.
TheBritish and French expressed doubts on the project, so the British government announced its withdrawal in 1969. Germany took this opportunity to increase its share of the project to 50% and Spain becomes a major investor of the company.
Airbus Industries was formally established as an “Economic Interest Group” (GIE) on 18 December 1970. Its name was taken from a term used by the airline industry in...