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1. AL CAPONE By Nick DiMuzio and Kyle Giordano
2. Objectives
* The objective of this power point is to show the life and accomplishments of one of the most notorious gangsters inAmerican history … Al Capone
3. Early Life
* Al Capone was born on January 17, 1899, in Brooklyn, New York and was baptized “Alphonsus Capone”
* He grew up and it was obvious he wouldgrow up as a gangster, joining two gangs and a kid
* Al quit school at age 14
4. Young Work
* Capone worked as a clerk in a candy store, a pin boy in a bowling alley, and a cutterin a book bindery between scams
5. Early Gangs
* He became part of the notorious Five Points gang in Manhattan and worked for gangster Frankie Yale's in the Harvard Inn, as a bouncer andbartender
6. Scarface
* While working at the Inn, Capone received his infamous facial scars and the resulting nickname "Scarface" when he insulted a woman and was attacked by herbrother
7. First Arrest
* Capone's first arrest was on a disorderly conduct charge while he was working for Frankie Yale
* He also murdered two men while in New York but wasnever tried for the murders because of his gangster reputation
8. Chicago
* After Capone hospitalized a rival gang member, Yale sent him to Chicago to wait until things cooled off and Allived at a house at 7244 South Prairie Avenue
9. Work In Chicago
* Capone still continued his work in Chicago but instead of working for Yale, he worked for Yale’s old mentor John Torriomanaging his bootlegging business
10. Moving Up The Ranks
* By mid-1922 Capone ranked as Torrio's number two man and eventually became a full partner in the saloons and gambling houses* Torrio was then shot by a rival gang member and Capone took his place and became the boss
11. The Big Fellow
* The members of the gang started to like, trust and obey Capone,...