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Alain mikli is the name of the owner and the main designer of alain mikli international .
This company sells glasses in countries all around the world , France , United - State , Japan , germany, China and other .
Alain mikli has never considerate the glasses like a medical gear, for him glasses has to be noticed and to make you different from the others , to be a part of a community oran elite .
That’s why the slogan of the company is «to see as to be seen» , every glasses are produced in a very little quantity , you can maximum find two glasses for the same models.
They want togive something unique , which make the client feels unique .
Created 30 years ago , Alain Mikli has evolved a lot , At the beginning there was only one store in Paris , now there is almost 19 storeall around the world and more in construction.
The success of the brand is due to the talent of his principal designer but not only .
By the way of the 4 P , we will see the strategy of the company .Product :
Even if the design is important , glasses have to be useful to, thats why everything is done to make the glasses comfortable as possible :
- Use of excellent and expensive raw materialslike titanium or acetate , which permits to have glasses lighter as possible and very nice to touch .
Creation of new technology : Engineer are hired to found new way to make glasses stronger , morecomfortable or more transportable .
Price :
If something is rare , his value is important . You want something unique , you have to pay for it . With this element , we can easily understand thatthe price politic will be to sale expensive glasses .
Frame with a price between 500 and 2000 thousand dollars plus the price of the lenses permits to reduce the customers only to an elite .
The advertising strategy is very important , especially when your company wants to give a specific image to people .
Lot of different advertising campaign have been done to touch people :...