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Just dance 2 TV commercial
In the just dance 2 commercial, the target audience is teenagers specially girl because its them who like to dance but inthe commercial we can also see boys, a little baby and some adult to prove that everyone game play at this video game
Hoe they do i?
They select inmajority ordinary people for make the commercial, like we saw they just had someone at the end who talk the rest of the time its music. When we saw danceit’s a not a people a long it’s a group of people and the number of people who dance grow during the ad at the start of the ad it’s a baby and when we heardwhen I grow up its teenagers and aldult who dance
As strategy, we said things like the hottest dance in America is back and we choose pop musicDoritos commercial house rules
In this commercial the target audience is everyone, it was a ad of the super bowl 2010 an event who is watching by a lot ofpeople young and old, girls or boys.
How they do it ?
They selected an event who happen more currently now because you can divorce, so the little boysee the new boyfriends of his mother don’t really like his attitude when he take his doritos whitout asking he decide to show that its him who have thepower here. And this make a comic effect
The strategy is that because they have no speciale effect or music in this ad its an ordinary situation, but whenthe little guy said don’t otuch to my mama and don’t touch to my doritos its something funny who stay in my mind ande make people remember this ad