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ALASKA SLANG (by an Alaska Native)

40 Terms you should employ while visiting Alaska. Study these. If not, we'll know instantly that you're a tourist.
Going Outside: Leaving the state for anyreason.

Lower 48: The 48 states south of here. (We don't know how to refer to Hawaii)
Cheechako: Anyone new to Alaska.
Sourdough: Anyone native of Alaska.
Cache (cash): A very small, food storagecabin. Elevated, out of reach of both animals and your children.
Ice Fog: A dense, winter fog of suspended ice particles that can sparkle all around you if there's a little sun coming through.
IceWorm: Small, very tiny worms that actually live in glacial ice. You can eat them but you need at least 1 million to make a meal ..... well, maybe a little less.
Bear Insurance: Handguns - 357 orbetter, a 12 gauge shotgun ......... or small, handheld, nuclear weapons - if you can get 'em.
Musher: A person who travels in winter by dog sled. Yells 'mush' a lot.
Permanent Fund: Money we get forliving here - from the state; who gets it from the oil companies; who supply 20% of the Nation's oil needs. You get oil; we get cash!
Ulu Knife: A native, half-moon, all-purpose knife. Pretty-coolactually.
Bullchitna: Bet you've guessed this one! .......... it means ...... you know ..... BS.
Stampled: Being trampled to death by an elk - but popular among the Southeast Alaskans to includestomped on, crushed, flattened, chewed on, or otherwise badly stepped upon.
Moose Nuggets: Moose droppings. Found in everyone's backyard .... AND .... in all Alaskan gift shops believe it or not - dried,cured, and shellacked into swizzle sticks, ear-rings, and Christmas decorations.
Bear Insurance #2: It's the best protection of all ......... always, be with someone you can outrun.
Mukluk: No's not something you just stepped in out there on the tundra. But rather, a very warm, fur boot ..... usually knee high.
The Bush: Villages, mountains, and valleys you can only reach by boat or...