Alcool/drogue chez les jeunes

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Acohol, Drug and Youngs

The subject of today is Alcohol, Drug and Youngs.

Europe is the Continent where consumption of alcohol is the most important.
At age 17, 82% of the Boys and 75% of theGirls take alcohol, at least once per month
Boys usually drink alcohol much more than Girls, nearly 17 per cent consume alcohol 10 times a month while 7 per cent of the girls do
Nowadays, the trendis “binge drinking”.

Do you know “binge drinking” ?
"Drink more alcohol as soon as possible" : Pendent of “All you can eat”
This practice takes place in nightclubs, at events only for studentsfor example “Spring breaks” but also between friends

However, I want to specify than compare to a vast majority of young Europeans, French teenagers remain in the average.
Do you know Countrieswhere alcohol intake is the most worrying?

In most countries of Northern Europe, as England, Nederland, Sweden and especially Ireland the frequency and quantities consumed have increased during thelast 10 years.
For example, 33 per cent of English teenagers have already been drunk once, against 10 per cent in France.
British teens are the third biggest consumers in Europe, after Ireland andIreland and Nederland.

When do young people drink alcohol for the first time, on average? 
* 12 years in average for the boys
* 13 years for the girls.
The first alcohol intake, takesplace in the family’s bosom (for example, during Christmas, birthdays,…).
Later, teens drink mostly with their friends rather than their family

In your opinion, what’ s their favorite drink ?
Beerand in second place: “alcopops”: bottles of alcohol with lemonade or fruit juice
ex : Smirnoff Ice,

In your opinion, what are the reasons that make teenagers to take drug and alcohol?
* Forthe feelings, the “Look and feel”
* To get drunk
* It’s funny
* To join a group
* To be appreciated by others
* Being friendly : not to be shy
* To forget Problems
* They...