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The blaxploitation will stay in the summit during more than 4 years. Indeed, in some years only, this cinema does’ nt attract any more the crowds. The directors do not manageto renew the kind of this movies. Due to exploiting it so much, they will be ridiculous. Movies are certified true copies, the scriptwriters are limited as well as the means. The black cinema becomesboring. A great majority of movies of blaxploitation were bad, often violent : they spoke about prostitutes, about dealer and about killers in the ghetto.


Hood and gangsta movies :the revival of the kind ?
If the blaxploitation died, a current looked like appeared in the 90s, the hood movie, or the movie of district staging black gangs (there are variants Latinos). Thrownmainly by the success of " Boy in the hood " (John Singleton, on 1991) Threat to Society (Allan and Albert Hughes, on 1993), the hood movie or gangsta movie tries to speak about a subject which works verywell in America: the rap. These movies present what became an American myth, black gangsters (rather native of Los Angeles).
Bases with the blaxploitation is the same and these movies are conceivedby young black directors. They try to open a new glance upon the afro-American community in particular upon the life of districts the most discriminated by L.A. The producers of Hollywood are going toturn movies around the black criminality. Instead of the blaxploitation, the hoodfilm does’nt concern only a black public.A lot of white poeple follow these productions in which they send theirfantasms.
Havoc (2005) speaks about this white poeple, sometimes rich which want looklike gangster coming from ghettos. The meeting of real gangsters is going to change their vision of the life. But thiswas criticized for sames reasons of the blaxploitation: it gives a negative image of blacks. In addition these movies raise a problem because they arrive after an event which played on the...