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Ukulele Classics Old and New
Tune gCEA

TUSC Song Book Five
Compiled by Nipper and Mrs Nipper
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All of the songs contained within this book are for research and personal use only. Many of the songs have been simplified for playing at our club meetings by a large group of Ukesters.

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Shine OnHarvest Moon
(Jack Norwort and Nora Bayes 1908)


[A7]The [Dm]night was mighty [A7]dark so you could [Dm]hardly see, For the moon refused to [A7]shine. [Dm]Couple sitting [A7]underneath a [Dm]willow tree, For [G7]love they [C7]pined. Little maid was afraid of the dark She [F]said, "I guess I'll go." [G7]Boy began to [C7]sigh, [G7]looked up at the [C7]sky, [D7]Told the moon his [G7]little taleof [C7]woe

[D7]Shine on, shine on, harvest [G7]moon, up in the sky; [C6]I [C7]ain't [C6]had no [C7]lovin' Since [F]January, [Bb]February, [F]June or July. [D7]Snow time ain't no time to [G7]stay, outdoors and spoon; [C6]Shine [C7]on, [C6]shine on, [C7]harvest [F]moon, For [Bb]me and my [F]gal. [Dm]I can't see [A7]why a [Dm]boy should sigh, By his side is the girl he loves so [A7]true,[Dm]All he has to [A7]say is: "Won't you [Dm]be my bride, For [G7]I love [C7]you, I can't see why I'm telling you, When [F]I know that you can guess." [G7]Harvest moon will [C7]smile, [G7]Shine on all the [C7]while, [D7]If the little [G7]girl should answer [C7]"yes."

Chorus Ukes only chorus Chorus

Ain’t She Sweet
(Milton Ager and Jack Yellen 1927)


[C]Ain't [Gdim]She [G7]Sweet? Seeher [C]coming [Gdim]down the [G7]street! Now I [C]ask you [E7]very [A7]confi[A7+5]dentially [D7]Ain't [G7]she [C]sweet? [G7] [C]Ain't [Gdim]she [G7]nice? Look her [C]over [Gdim]once or [G7]twice. Now I [C]ask you [E7]very [A7]confi[A7+5]dentially [D7]Ain't [G7]she [C]nice? Just cast an [F9]eye in her di[C]rection Oh, me! Oh, [F9]my! Ain't that per[C]fection?[G7] [C]I [Gdim]re[G7]peat, don't you[C]think that's [Gdim]kind of [G7]neat? And I [C]ask you [E7]very [A7]confi[A7+5]dentially [D7]Ain't [G7]she [C]sweet? [G7]

Gdim - 0101 F9 - 2333

Ain’t She Sweet

My Blue Heaven (Donaldson and Whiting –1927)
[C]Day [F#dim]is [Dm]end[G7]ing [C]Birds [F#dim]are [G7]wen[A7]ding [D7]Back to the shelter [G7]of [C]Each little [D7]nest they [G7]love [C]Night [F#dim]shades [Dm]fal[G7]ling [C]Love[F#dim]birds [G7]cal[A7]ling [D7]What makes the world go 'round? Nothing but [G7]love! Chorus: When whippoorwills [C]call and evening is nigh I hurry to [D7]my [G7]blue [C]heaven A turn to the [C]right, a little white light Will lead you to [D7]my [G7]blue [C]heaven [Adim]You'll see a [F]smiling face, a [A7]fireplace, a [Dm]cozy room, A [G7]little nest that nestles where the [C]roses [G7]bloom JustMolly and [C]me, and baby makes three We're happy in [D7]my [G7]blue [C]heaven Verse 2: [C]Moon[F#dim]beams [Dm]creep[G7]ing [C]Flow'rs [F#dim]are [G7]sleep[A7]ing [D7]Under a starlit [G7]way [C]Waiting a[D7]nother [G7]day [C]Time [F#dim]for [Dm]rest[G7]ing [C]Birds [F#dim]are [G7]nest[A7]ing [D7]Resting their weary wings Tired from [G7]play. Chorus


Chords F#dim = 2323 Adim = 2323 Dream A Little Dream Of Me
(Andre/Schwandt/Kahn 1931) (C) Stars (B7) shining bright (Dm) above (G7) you, (C) Night (B7) breezes seem to (A) whisper "I (A7) love you". (Dm) Birds singing in a (Fm) sycamore tree, (C) Dream a little (G) dream of (G7) me. (C) Say (B7) "Nightie-night" and (Dm) kiss (G7) me (C) Just (B7) hold me tight and (A) tell me you'll (A7) miss me. (Dm) While I'm alone and (Fm) blueas can be, (C) Dream a little (G) dream of (C) me. (E7) (A) Stars (F#m) fading but (D) I linger (E7) on, dear, (A) Still (F#m) craving your (D) kiss. (E7) (A) I'm (F#m) longing to (D) linger till (E7) dawn, dear, (A) Just (F#m) saying (Ab) thi…(G7)...iiss. (C) Sweet (B7) dreams till sunbeams (Dm) find you, (C) Sweet (B7) dreams that leave all (A) worries (A7) behind you. (Dm) But in your dreams...