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A) Hello mark Pollock. Last January, you have been the first blind man to reach the South Pole. How do you feel now?

B) Well, I’m very proud of myself but Iwasn’t alone in this extraordinary adventure?

A) Ah!! How supported you?

B) I’m part of a three man team called South Pole flag. But I was alsosupported by many friends and sponsors.

A) I’m sure it’s been very hard to reach the South Pole. The conditions were extreme and you suffered from exposure.

B)Yeah it was difficult for me to compete but I have never wanted to give up.

A) As you said, it was a race and your team finished fifth. Do you think you wouldhave been able to success alone?

B) No, of course no. I’m sure I needed this team

A) Before this adventure, do you think you would have been capable ofplanting your flag?

B) No, I couldn’t believe it but my coaches trained me and I’m an athlete. Beside, I think I’ll compete the next Olympic games

A)Really! It’s amazing!

B) Yes, I’m really glad to do that

A) What has been the hardest thing in this trip?

B) For me, the hardest thing has been thecold; sometimes, the temperatures reaches -50 °C

A) How would you like to thank now?

B) Well, now I’d like to thank my wife how has always encouragedme and how has always been here for me. I’d also like to thank my daughter Clara and my son William. Then I’d like to thank my friend, my sponsors, my coach and youhow supported me.

A) How did you get the idea of going in the South Pole?

B) I’ve no idea but I knew I wanted to do this since I’m young

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