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Dear parents,

First of all, I wrote this letter to say you that everything it is alright and also to take some news about you. It was very easy to integratemyself into the campus because students are very nice with me, very sociable and very kind. Moreover, I met many friends and we have several things to do. For example,we play football, tennis and baseball. I do not have the time to be bored because the campus allows us to practise different activities. Did you remember thebrochure of the campus, about the classroom, the teachers and the students? Everything is similar. The teachers are really interesting and passionate. They communicate usthe enthusiasm of learning. When you told me about the campus, I was sceptic because I had to live without you and in an unknown place.
I had to work very hardly tomaintain my grades because the school require a high level of study, therefore my results were very good at the end of the year. Consequently, I hope you will beproud of me and also proud about my school career.
I learned a lot about myself, I am more independent, sociable and open mind. I just want to thank both of youbecause you allow me to grow, to learn many thinks and to enjoy my academic years. Moreover, I thought it will be very hard to be separate and I will miss you so much butI am proud of myself because now I am strong, and the separation is not so terrible.
Tell me more about you. I want to know what you are doing every day. How isthe life in Saudi Arabia?
I cannot wait to meet you to tell you everything in detail about the campus, my teachers and my friends.

Lots of love

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