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Company overview

AMP Limited is a wealth management and life insurer company operating in Australia and New Zealand. It has also investments in the Asian market and banking business in Australia. AMP Limited was established in 1849 as the Australian Mutual Provident Society and in 19998 was listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges. In 2009, AMP employed more than 3 700 peopleand had more than 3.8 million of customers around the world. Furthermore, with more than 828 000 shareholders, the company is one of the largest Australian shareholder suppliers (AMP website).

Core operating activities

AMP Limited provides a range of financial products and has five business segments:

* Australian Contemporary Wealth Management, which includes superannuation, retirementincome and managed investment products. It also provides financial planning, advice services and banking operations.

* Australian Contemporary Wealth Protection that provides customers with personal term, disability and income protection insurance products.

* Australian Mature including whole of life, endowment, investment linked, investment account and annuities.

* AMPFinancial Services New Zealand which is a risk insurance business including a superannuation and investment business.

* AMP Capital Investors which manages investments across all the major asset classes including equities, fixed interest,
infrastructure, property, diversified funds and multi-manager funds and also provides commercial, industrial and retail property
management services. AMPCIalso acquires assets to seed new funds or opportunities

In 2009, AMP Limited net profit was A$ 739 million which was primarily generated by Australian Contemporary Wealth Management Segment (38% of revenues) and the Australian Contemporary Wealth protection (22% of revenues).

Current Investments Assets

In 2009, the total asset value of AMP Limited was $89, 830 billion including $32,794 ofequity securities and $30, 561 of debt securities. In addition, it has $9,203 billion in other financial assets, which include investments in joint ventures and partnership. In 2009, AMP issued more shares under the Dividend Reinvestment Plan, which pay shareholder dividend, by issuing new shares rather than paying by cash. Moreover, AMP invested $296 million in order to improve its capital mixefficiency, rally funding requirements as well as refinance its subordinated debt. Then, AMP Limited made acquisitions of Japan’s Gemini Advisors securities Investments Company Limited, Babobank Australia and New Zealand. It also acquired 50% stake in Macarthur Cook Industrial REIT, a management company of the Singapore Exchange, in order to expend its potential in Asia.

has more short-termdebt than available cash or investments to cover the debt's payments, the company could be forced to take on additional debt and could be in poor financial health.

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the life statutory funds comprise cash, equity securities, debt securities, property securities, other financial assets and investment property that areheld to back investment contract liabilities, life insurance contract liabilities, retained profits and capital

Current financial structure

In the financial year 2008/2009, AMP Limited had $87, 196 billion in total liabilities and $2,634 billion in total equity. The total debt of AMP Limited represented 97,07% of the firm’s capital structure and total equity represented 2,93 %. Interestbearing securities directly held was $17 702 billion and Interest bearing securities held via unit trusts $2,164 billion.

AMP Limited had 2,048,645,162 ordinary shares on issue, which were fully paid at the end of the financial year 2008/09. The all ordinary shares issued value was $4,814 billion and Retained earnings was 320 million. Moreover, the company has also Reserves, which was $ 2, 563...