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In the fisrt time, its necessary to stick in assocaition wwoof of the country where you like to go.
The contribution is between 15euros and 20euros. If youleave in couple, many associations offer membership of coupled.
After inscription, you will have, in a list, country'sguests.
WWOOF Independants is an associationwith contacts of the guests which haven't nationale associations. But this association works by an inscription. So after the inscription, you have a list withthe guests'coordinates. And you will contact guests where you want to leave to know if there is free places and to discuss stays conditions.
The guestsappreciate that wwoofers remains one week, it's a minimum to feel useful.
You will work five maybe six hours by day and you will have free days.
The tasks will be verydifferent as to pick of fruits, clean a ground ect...

it's not necessary to go at the end of the world to live a great instant of wwoofing with cotisation of15euros, you can stick in the association France wwoof. The trip will be rewarding.
The wwoofing is very developed in Europe at diferent degrees
At UK, thereis more 450guests. But many associations xill be created in Roumanie or in Estonie.
You can go in US too because there is more 900guests and many independantsassociations.
It'snot a problem to go in Canada, where the movement is very present.
There are wwoof associations in countries Asiatic and in Japan. It's agreat experience, many wwoofers are delighted of their trip in this countries.
The wwoofing is new in Africa but there is associations in Cameroun or Ghana.