Semiotic Analysis of the “La Poste” advertising campaign


This report is about the study ofthe advertising campaigns of the French postal organization, “La Poste”. Since its first TV commercial as an autonomousorganization in 1980’s, the organization has radically changed its advertising strategy adopting throughout the yearsnew themes and concepts.
Thus this report aims firstly to provide relevant contextual information about theorganization and unveil the reasons for selecting these particular texts. Secondly, an in-depth analysis of the adverts using asemiotic approach will be uncovered in order to highlight the evolution of the communication strategy. Thirdly, thelast part of this report will tackle an evaluative discussion of the organization’s overall communication.
Theresearch reveals that “La Poste” which is one of the leading companies operating in the public services changed several timesthe components of its brand identity before adopting a particular identity. The main reason of these modificationsappears to be a continuous will of the organization to modernize its image and adapt to the new competitive environment. [à continuer]

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