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Christian Dior S.A.
30, avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris
phone: (33) 1-44-13-24-98
Fax: (33)-1-44-13-27-86

Public Company
Incorporated: 1946 as ChristianDior Ltd.
Employees: 55,179
Sales: EUR 12.56 billion ($11.47 billion) (2001)
Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy
STRATEGY:, luxury people is Targeted
COMPANY CULTURE: French way ofLife
First of all, il will speak about the story of Christian Dior the creator of this company and the success story of his company :
Christian Dior was born in the year 1905, in France ,inGranville. Dior lived in this town until he was about 5 years old, and then he moved with his family for Paris, France.
Christian Dior fell upon hard times, with the untimely death of both his mother andhis brother, and he moved to the Soviet Union. He was hurting very bad financially, so an old-time friend of him gave him a place to stay and he also helped him start his career sketching dresses andhats.
Christian Dior started to sell his sketches, and some famous actresses loved them and purchased them.
After his first collection, Christian Dior sat long and hard and tried to think what thewomen of Paris would want as the next big thing in their fashionable clothing. He wanted to make the women feel like flowers again like they felt in the 1930's, and he called this collection theCOROLLE, also known as the ring of petals collection.
Women all over the world were embracing this wonderful new look of the Christian Dior Dresses. For some reason though, even with so many people lovingthis new look, many people were also against it.
Company Perspectives:
Christian Dior has engineered a remarkable commercial breakthrough based on top quality, highly creative products that appeal toa youthful, refined clientele. The company is undoubtedly the biggest hit of today's fashion world.

Christian Dior S.A. remains a leader in the world of fashion after more than 50...
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