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Capitalism Gets Ugly


In his article “Capitalism Gets Ugly”, Robert Bridge gives his estimation of the modern capitalism, and analyses the consequences of this crisis.The author bases his conclusions on statistical data and facts demonstrating the realities of capitalism. According to R. Bridge, first of all, modern capitalism is a system which differs fromthose described by Karl Marks in his works. It has been transformed, and today’s situation in economics, financial system, and politics is an evidence of the crisis of capitalism. The author of thearticle marks out five distinctive features that characterize capitalism and consistently proves that this system became obsolete in our days.

First, R. Bridge compares capitalism with “one-lanetraffic jam” or “never-ending treadmill” for those who is dreaming to achieve promised prosperity and succeed in life. The recent financial crises evidently showed the true sense of such classicalcapitalist term as “free market”. People begin to understand that this free market which was a symbol of progress and prosperity can easily became a reason of their fall and destruction of hopes.Second, the same crisis resulted in the impossibility to manage the environmental situation on the planet. According to the author, reckless attitude of people to the consequences of their activity(the purpose of which is only getting a profit) for future generations, , is a main reason of approaching catastrophe.

Third, capitalism made people miserable. Statistics confirms this sadreality. Indeed, today such drugs as antidepressants become more and more popular amongst inhabitants of the USA (including children) in spite of their happy appearance and the highest in the world levelof consummation.

Forth, the term “Democracy” became completely different now. R. Bridge brings an example of how much corporations control all the spheres including the political system...