” BNP Paribas’ close client relationships are the competitive advantage that best weathered the crisis. Our clients’ trust is our most valuable asset.”http://media.bnpparibas.com/invest/rapports-annuels/ra2009en/rapport_annuel.pdf
The French bankBNP Paribas’ channels are available to all customers, each has a distinct role and targe customer profile. For instance, the bank serves high-value customers with skilled and dedicated relationshipmanagers at its branches and provides specialized savings services online, while directing lower-value customers to generalist or other channels. Like Tesco, BNP Paribas has extensivecustomer-relationship-management (CRM) capability, which allows it to reach and serve customers through the most efficient channels. Thus, branches focus on higher-value products sales and value-added services, whilecall centers handle incoming request, arrange appointments, and close simple, lower-value sales. The Web is reserved for the provision of both marketing and transactional information; it is also used insome sales to existing customers and, thanks to viral marketing, plays a growing role in client recruitment.

French Retail Banking (FRB) underscores its commitment to excellent customer service ina tough economic climate FRB’s desire to provide steadfast support to its clients played a big role in increasing the number of client contacts in 2009; over 30 million qualified contacts were madeduring the year, up 9% from 2008. FRB advisors held over 6 million face-to-face meetings with clients in 2009, enabling the Bank to strengthen its client relationships.
These close relationships arebuilt on personalised, reliable advice. In addition to stepping-up its diagnostic services, especially for savings accounts and personal insurance, FRB focused on tailoring its products and services... [à continuer]

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