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” BNP Paribas’ close client relationships are the competitive advantage that best weathered the crisis. Our clients’ trust is our most valuable asset.”
The French bankBNP Paribas’ channels are available to all customers, each has a distinct role and targe customer profile. For instance, the bank serves high-value customers with skilled and dedicated relationship managers at its branches and provides specialized savings services online, while directing lower-value customers to generalist or other channels. Like Tesco, BNP Paribas has extensivecustomer-relationship-management (CRM) capability, which allows it to reach and serve customers through the most efficient channels. Thus, branches focus on higher-value products sales and value-added services, while call centers handle incoming request, arrange appointments, and close simple, lower-value sales. The Web is reserved for the provision of both marketing and transactional information; it is also used insome sales to existing customers and, thanks to viral marketing, plays a growing role in client recruitment.

French Retail Banking (FRB) underscores its commitment to excellent customer service in a tough economic climate FRB’s desire to provide steadfast support to its clients played a big role in increasing the number of client contacts in 2009; over 30 million qualified contacts were madeduring the year, up 9% from 2008. FRB advisors held over 6 million face-to-face meetings with clients in 2009, enabling the Bank to strengthen its client relationships.
These close relationships are built on personalised, reliable advice. In addition to stepping-up its diagnostic services, especially for savings accounts and personal insurance, FRB focused on tailoring its products and servicesto individual client needs.
All of FRB’s distribution channels implemented targeted marketing campaigns based on individual client’s interests and plans for the future.

FRB strengthens its foothold in the French market. The number of personal accounts at FRB grew for the fourth year in a row, with 145,000 new accounts opened — bringing the total number of new accounts since 2005 to 900,000.This rapid expansion is the result of BNP Paribas’ targeted new customer acquisition strategy, which is based on the following:
— continuously adding new branches so as to cover high-potential regions effectively. In the past six years, FRB has opened 170 new branches, relocated 160, and upgraded around 1,000 to the new “Welcome & Services” model. The Bank also introduced a centralisedmaintenance programme in order to ensure that branch equipment can last several years;
— attracting more clients through the online channel. BNP Paribas revamped the “Devenir Client” (“Become a Client”) section of its website, (now backed by advisors at the Client Relation Centre), opened the Net Agence fully online branch, and successfully introduced online mortgage applications;
— aproactive mortgage policy and partnerships with the market’s key advisors. One out of every five new accounts opened by a major client in 2009 was done so after the client obtained a mortgage from BNP Paribas;
— an active programme targeting the young through numerous national and local partnerships, coupled with intensive marketing efforts and special advisors for young clients. In 2009, 180,000people between the ages of 18 and 30 opened accounts with BNP Paribas;
— BNP Paribas’ positioning as a family bank, backed by relevant products and services (services for couples, a Livret A Baby savings account, etc.).

The Retail Banking business has had to overcome a number of adverse factors such as historically low interest rates, a deteriorating asset quality, the impact of gross...
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