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This document is a provocative advertising campaign from DIESEL, the famous Italian clothing manufacturer. It is one of the most billboards which composed the “Global Warming Ready”campaign, created by the brand.

1. Description and interpretation

We can see two characters, a man and a woman, so beautiful even if we have the impression that they are survivors. Their clothes aresurprising, very fashion and inappropriate. In fact, we can observe New-York city, with the Empire State Building, under the water on the background. The disaster seems evident but for the models,everything seems good. The woman is giving water to the man in a sensual position. So there is a conflict between them and the décor.

The shocking effects of global warming are not immediatelynoticeable, because of the two characters’ behaviour. That’s why it’s a shock campaign: the detachment of the models compared to the raised water level can create reactions form viewers. The Italian brandplays on irony by showing a water-play between the models, while the world is devastated and while water is a problem in many African countries.

2. A shock campaign

DIESEL wants to convey a messagewith the little catchphrase “Global Warming Ready”. So the brand says that people who swear DIESEL’s clothes are prepared for global warming. It seems to be a curious way to promote her products,because the global warming is an actual societal problem, which worries every continent.

There are many famous companies which use the global warming effects is their campaign. Indeed, it’s became adisturbing societal phenomenon which takes an important place in the company ethic. There is actually an ecological trend that every firm has to respect and include in her planning and program. DIESELfit into the ecological problems in this campaign, but with a new vision which create bad interpretation and discussions form viewers. Some of them think first that they haven’t the good meaning of...