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Presentation of an advertising campaign

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Blondelle Cynthia
Dessarts Cassandre
Gauthier Hélène
Rouget Caroline
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Eurostar International History Page 5

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Eurostar/Burger King

The Campaign

October 14th 2010, the news is on every social network, Burger King (the famous American fast food) is making its comeback to France. Indeed, the same day, some of the most influential French bloggers received a few goodiespicturing the famous brand (T-shirts, notebook, flask, necklaces, backpacks...). They thus relayed the information on the web.

Meanwhile, an «official»Twitter account was launched for the brand corroborating the fact that Burger King was indeed coming back to France. It took just a few minutes for news to travel all over the country making the joy of all the Whopper* lovers in the country.(*The restaurant emblematic burger)

Effectively, the whole operation was, in fact, the new advertising campaign promoting Eurostar and their new partnership with different restaurants and shops in London. Burger King being the main partner of the new advertising campaign in France. Knowing that most of the French tourists visiting London generally go to Burger King, Eurostar and theagency Leg (the advertising agency of the brand) staged this fake comeback.

Thus, they launched a massive promotion phase with:

-A viral video on the Internet proclaiming: “Burger King, à deux pas d’ici” (just two steps away from here) “Gare du Nord - St Pancras - Burger King-Banners on the web

-Billboards everywhere in the streets.

They first of all advertise the fact that you can get to London so quickly now (in just 2h15), that the Burger King restaurants and its “delicious” meals are just a couple of hours awayfrom you and it’s really easy to go to London and buy a Whopper.

Moreover, with this new campaign, Eurostar advertise their new program Eurostar Plus. This partnership allows the Eurostar users to enjoy many discounts and advantages while travelling to London.
For instance, when you buy a Eurostar ticket, you can go to any Burger King in London, show yourEurostar ticket and get one Whopper free if you buy a whopper. You can also take advantage of reduction for London’s most famous musicals (Billy Elliot, Sister Act), exhibitions in famous museum, and discounts in trendy shops…

Eurostar International History

Eurostar is the high-speed rail service directly linking the UK to France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel. 18...