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(exemple : ‘The problem we all live with’, p 119. L’analyse de cette image est en italique)

1. Présentez
Nature du document : ad, photo, painting,cartoon (un seul dessin), a comic strip, drawing, graph, poster, illustration :

Origine probable du document : (magazine, paper, book,… ), période, pays, auteur.
Sujet général (en quelques mots)But de l’image (en quelques mots) to inform / criticize, prove, make sb aware of…

This document is an illustration by Norman Rockwell entitled ‘The problem we all live with’ published in Life, anAmerican magazine, in 1964.
Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) was an American illustrator born in New York City. He specialized in nostalgic, finely-drawn, richly anecdotal scenes of everyday small-townlife. He was very popular. According to him, his talent was “to paint ordinary people in everyday situations”. His illustrations appeared in all the great American magazines of the 20th century (mostlyon covers of the Saturday Evening Post). ‘The problem we all live with’ was his first illustration for ‘Look’ and marked a radical change with his previous work. Norman Rockwell who had alwayspainted life as he wanted it to be, was now painting the more sombre side of America.

2. Structurez et décrivez / analysez

Allez de l’explicite (ce que vous voyez) à l’implicite (ce que vousinterprétez)

a) donnez la composition de l’image (plans et parties dans l’ordre d’importance)

A little black girl is apparently walking to school, as can be seen by the books and the ruler she is holdingin her left hand. She is surrounded by four large men, as if she was a prisoner.
We can observe that there are tomatoes splattered against the wall, and such aggressive graffiti as “nigger” and KKK(short for Ku Klux Klan [‘ku: kl ks ‘klæn]), which clearly shows that this little girl – and along her the whole black community – is the target of attacks from various hate groups.

b) Décrivez...