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They were about to announce the winner of the last Oscar. In 1950, the US were living their Golden Age thanks to the American Dream. Thelast Oscar was going to be given to the best actress. The nominees were: Marilyn Monroe, Susan Sarandoe, Judy Holliday, Vivien Leigh andGrace Kelly. As they announced the winner :"And the winner is...". No one would have ever guessed that the princess-to-be Grace Kellywould have been the chosen one, especially her. When she heard her name, she was in complete shock and couldn't move for a while. She then,headed to the scene to collect her Oscar and to thank the audience. After a moment of silent, she said:
"A few years ago, I would havenever guessed that I would be with you tonight, surrounded by all these successful people. But here I am, after hard working and time. Iwould like to thank first Edith Van Cleve, without who, this would have never been possible. I would also like to thank my manager,producer, all the directors I worked with, thank you for giving me a chance to be a part of this world. But, I would like to thank, thepersons because who I am here tonight, standing here, talking to you: that's you, fans, public ! I am here to show you, that you can achievewhat ever you like with perseverance. You can be living the American Dream. Tonight, I am not the only winner, the winner is... YOU !"
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