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Transcript : BIG ISSUE

Big Issue vendor : Big Issue, lady?
Reviewer : Excuse me, could you spare me a couple of minutes? I’m doing an interview for a magazine and I’d like some informationabout The Big Issue.
Big Issue vendor  : Well, as long as you buy a copy when we’ve finished, yeah, alright! [She laughs]
Reviewer : Of course I will! Firstly, can you tell me your name?
Big Issuevendor  : Yeah, my name’s Johnny Giles.
Reviewer : Right, and your age, Johnny?
Big Issue vendor  : I’m... 51, now.
Reviewer : Alright, and... What was your previous job?
Big Issue vendor  : Oh, whenI worked, you mean?
Reviewer : When you... yeah.
Big Issue vendor  : I was a printer.
Reviewer : You were a printer, alright.
Big Issue vendor  : Yeah.
Reviewer : Now, can you tell me what TheBig Issue is?
Big Issue vendor  : Well, Big Issue is a magazine about the homeless, sold by the homeless, and whose profits go to the homeless.
Reviewer : Right... So, er, I’ve just noticed here, 60p,apiece, so how much of that do you... do you keep?
Big Issue vendor  : Well, I... I pay for each copy... I pay in the morning when I pick’em up, I pay 25p for... per copy, and I sell it for 60, andI get the difference, you see.
Reviewer : Excellent, excellent. And, what… What sort of articles are inside?
Big Issue vendor  : Well most of the articles... They’re all written by professionaljournalists, I mean, it’s not a rubbish magazine. I mean, that’s why people buy it. If it wasn’t interesting, we wouldn’t be able to sell it to people, you see?
Reviewer : So it’s not just about thehomeless, it’s about other things...
Big Issue vendor  : No, it’s usually got an angle, that... You know, advice to the homeless or some kind of story of interest about somebody who’s done somethingwith his life after he’s had a little bit of bad luck or whatever...
Reviewer : Right... And, and what’s the circulation, roughly?
Big Issue vendor : Wow, I dunno, I think it’s about aquarter of a...