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September 11 attacks
Four planes were hijacked, three of them were flown into highly symbolic buildings: the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York, and the Pentagon, the headquarters for the department of the Defence of the United States, in Washington. It was a big shock for all Americans as well as the whole world. These attacks were experienced almost in real time byhundreds of millions of viewers worldwide, the images of the plane striking the second tower of the World Trade Center having been broadcast(diifusé) live, as well as the collapse in just few seconds of three towers of the WTC in Manhattan. The psychological(aie) shock was considerable at an international level. These attacks generated powerful and lasting (durable) effects, in particularpolitically and economically(sans a). The national Committee on terrorist attacks against the United States concluded that it was the responsibility of the Al-Qaida network, maintaining that the nineteen hijackers implicated in these attacks were its members and that the leader was Osama Ben Laden.
I - Attacks : the facts
Two Boeing 757 and two Boeing 767 were used as flying incendiary bombs. Fourhad been hijacked, only the flight UA93 was not able to reach its target, having crashed in a disused mine in Pennsylvania on its way to the capital.
Approximately 17400 people were in both towers at the time of the collisions and most of them were able(èy) to be evacuated before the destruction of the towers.
WTC1: At 8:46 am flight AA11 collided(aie) with the north tower at around the 93rdto 97th floor out of a total of 110 floors. The plane(èy) hit the tower at an estimated speed of 710 kmph. With all the lifts out of order and stairs impossible to use due to the fire, the people located in the highest floors(o) were trapped.
WTC2. At 9:03 am flight UA175 penetrated the south tower. The event was broadcast throughout(ps de g) the world and seen by most of the population.
Thespeed of the plane was estimated at 870 kmph and struck the tower between floors 78 and 83.
The Pentagon
At 9:38am flight AA77 penetrated the central part of the western wing of the Pentagon, at an estimated speed of 850 kmph. The fire triggered (i)by the impact spread rapidly igniting(i-aie-ting) numerous electric circuits leading to enormous balls of fire.
At the time of the collapse of thetowers only black smoke was visible at the south(saouth) tower escaping from the building. The fire brigade which had arrived on the 78th floor indicated the presence of two residual fires but just a few minutes later the tower collapsed and so the people were not able to be evacuated in time.
At forty seven minutes past 9 the south tower collapsed which surprised the fire brigade as theybelieved that the towers could resist such impacts. At 10:29 am, forty minutes after the south tower , its twin collapsed resulting in the end of the Marriott World Trade Center.
Now I will talk about the investigation
II Investigation
The American authorities, the media and all foreign governments believe the attacks were led by Al-Qaida which was financed(aie) by Osama Ben laden. TheCIA(si-aie-éy) believe that Ben Laden was recruited by the secret services of Saudi Arabia to aggravate the mujahidin resistance against the troops of the Soviet Union during the war of Afghanistan. In the days which followed the attacks, the Taliban regime in power in Afghanistan denied Ben Laden's involvement and moreover suggested that the Jews or the American secret services were responsible. Thepolice investigation was confided (ed)to the FBI.
The FBI investigation, called PENTTBOM, was, the largest and the most complex in the history of the FBI, involving more than 7 000 agents(aie). Less than 72 hours after the attacks, the FBI came up with names of 19 of the hijackers.
After six months, Robert Mueller, director of the Office, indicated that the investigation had established clear...