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Australian schools are different to schools in France in numerous ways. There is a uniform at both private and public schools. The uniform changes ateach school.
The school days are much shorter and are in between 8 and 4 at any school in Australia. The workload depends on the school but there is less pressure than in France. Students have a widechoice of subjects and they change who is in their class every lesson. Students can go home in year 11 and 12 for lunch but the younger students must stay the school. There is no cafeteria but there isa shop to buy snacks.

Australia is well known for its wine. Australia is the only country that eats its national emblem as they eat both of the kangaroo and emu. They eat a variety of otherstrange animals like crocodiles and camels. So these meats are not common they are still eaten. In Australia dinner is the biggest meal compared with lunch in France. There are also snacks unique toAustralia including vegemite, tim tams, lamingtons and ANZAC biscuits.

In Australia there are many festivals during the year. March is the month for many of that and this includesThe Fringe, an arts and performing festival and WOMAD, a world music festival that go for three days.
In the day it’s popular to go to the beach. A popular place to go at night is bars and clubs. Itis very common for 18-25 for be at the town on the weekends. In Australia the drinking age is 18 so younger people often go to the cinema or have parties.

Fashion and Shopping
Australia is morerelaxed than France in fashion. They wear bright and colourful clothing especially in summer. In France there is not much colour. In winter the temperature is not very cold so people do not wear bigjackets. A popular winter item is a ‘hoody’. The most popular brands of clothes are billabong, roxy, one teaspoon and quicksilver.

Australians listen a variety of genres. There are many...