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Thai mom: 'I want to die' for Red Shirt cause.

Bangkok, Thailand-- She calls herself "Aim." She is 43 years old and has two children, one a teenager, the other seven years old. She has a smile on her face even though she is sitting outside in air so thick with humidity and heat that it's hard to breath.
She seems like a regular working mom until you ask her about the government'sannouncement it was about to crack down and move the Red Shirt protesters out of the swanky area they have occupied for more than five weeks in Bangkok.
"If they do I would like them to kill me. I am not afraid." Aim said. "I want to die."
She will die for a cause her children do not understand she said. "We want democracy, I support Thaksin." Aim said referring to Thailand's former Prime Minister who fledthe country after a bloodless coup. He is wanted on corruption charges. Most of the Red Shirt protesters are his supporters and don't believe the charges are true.

Thousands of them like Aim sit in front of or near the main stage area where the anti-government protestors have rallied for weeks listening to deafening speeches blaring from the huge speakers put up on the column supports of theoverpass.
The government now estimates there are 5,000 protesters still occupying city streets, down from an estimated 20,000. Those left seem to have the most resolve in keeping the protest alive.
Down the street a ways another mother sits with her 9-year-old daughter. Her name is Ananya Thongyoi. She says she came to the protest because she wants justice.
"Thailand has double standards. Ilove Thaksin he has done good for the poor people." The Red Shirts essentially see the current government as elitist and not looking out for the interest of the rural poor and working class people.
But what about the safety of her little girl, named Pim? More than 30 people have been killed in the violence in just the last four days. Both the Thai military and the protesters have engaged in deadlybehavior.
"I am afraid of her getting hurt so that is why I moved her to the Temple area."
The Temple grounds are supposed to be a safe haven. Other families with much younger children and elderly parents sit on the temple grounds eating lunch while their children play, some with coloring books others with small toys.
Nine-year-old Pim is sitting happily chatting with her grandmother. She wouldnormally be in school but the government said it was forced to postpone school for a week due to the violent clashes.
Like many children around the world Pim doesn't mind an extra week of holiday. Surrounded by the protests, the innocence of a child is clearly intact.
"I am having fun. I can hear music. It is better than staying home."

The 9-year-old Microsoft genius
Skopje, Macedonia-- A colorful mural runs along the outside the Blaze Koneski public school in Macedonia, but it's been vandalized by graffiti artists who spray their tags all over the school.
There are metal bars on the windows and the building itself is run down and dilapidated. We are here to interview a "child prodigy" for CNN's I-List Macedonia.
Marco Calasan is the youngest Microsoft systems engineer inthe world, holds four Microsoft certificates and has written a 312-page book on Microsoft's Windows 7.
As we enter the classroom a young boy with a warm smile and dark, curly shoulder length hair pulled back in a ponytail, extends his hand and introduces himself.
Marco is just nine years old; he's an only child and a computer genius. He takes us on a tour of the school computer lab, as if it werehis home. Marco only lives across the road but spends endless hours in here working away each day, well and truly after the school bell has rung.
Asked why he loves computers so much, Marco responds sagely that, "with knowledge, everything is possible." He goes on to give a detailed explanation of IPTV - the content delivery network system that he set up all by himself.
With his sweet,...