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- Hi boys and girls, I am Nicolas Rush ! Welcome on the stage of our fantastic show : « This is the treasure of YOUR life ! »
Today we have the great chance to have the new star of the moment :Terry Herbert,
Terry has discovered the biggest trove ever made in United-Kingdom and now he is very famous all over the world .
Welcome Terry !!

-Hi mr Rush . I'm very please beeing there withyou.

-Nice to meet you Terry. We would like to know more about you, so could you introduce yourself?

-My name is Terry Herbert, friend's use to call me « The mole » cause I was always lookingfor valuables under the earth .I am fivety five years old.
Today people know me because of the fantastic treasure I've found.

-So when did you discover the treasure ? And what was the context ?I spent eighteen years looking for something uncredible with my metal detector , people were laugthing at me, but I knew somewhere in my heart that it was my destiny to find a treasure.
So onemorning of July, like almost every days my detector biiped , I didn't know that it was something like that, I thought that it was maybe coins , but I had a hope.
That was 5 month and 2 days ago .The day when I discovered what's going to change my life !
What's a great story ! And where did you unearthed it ?
That was in a field of Staffordshire, which was the property of Garry, afarmer .
After eighteen years spent looking after something valuable, didn't you loose faith ?
Of course I did ! The more I searched, the more I got the impression that it was opeless !
Buti'm strong minded and I didn't give up.
You are an awesome man ! Could you tell us what kind of artefacts were in the treasure ?
The trove date back from the seventh or eigth century, when a warracked england : so there is war items : gold and silver items like daggers, swords, pièces of scaboards , …
Oh god, what a crazy discover !
So we really thank you being there with us in...