Anglais dialogue

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A: Hello, Kate Todd. I’m the investigator. So I’ll ask you a lot of questions.

N: Hello, I’m Mr Test. Miss Rose will arrive later.

S: Hello, Mrs Brain…

A: After analysis, the murder wascommitted with poison (there are traces of digitalin).

Entrée Marion

M: Oh, what happened ?

N: It’s our sweet flatmate, Mr Boffin…

A: He’s dead.

M: What ! How ? This is not me. I didnothing.

A: Calm yourself. I'm just asking questions. So where were you that night ? Oh and what’s your occupation ?

N: I spent the night with my girlfriend. Hum, I’m chemist, I work for PillPharmaceutical Research Laboratory.

M: I watched TV alone until 11 pm. I’m florist.

S: I was at the cinema alone until 10.30 pm. But I had to go with Mr Boffin, but he said he was not feeling good. I’mchemist, I work for a Tablet Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory.

M: WHAT ! It’s you, his new girlfriend ?! Oh my god, I knew !


A: Oh oh calm yourself ! Not that before me ! MrTest, can you explain me the situation ?

N: The last year, Miss Rose was Mr Boffin’s girlfriend, they split up because he cheated her with Mrs Brain. And now Mrs Brain and Mr boffin are together.And Mrs Rose doesn’t know that.

A: Oh… It’s a delicate situation. So what your relation with the victim ?

S: Except that I’m his flatmate, we are friends since 2 years. He’s a good friend.

N:I’m his flatmate too, and we are friends since we were teenagers.

M: Hum… I’m his flatmate, before we used to go out with him but we spit up two months ago.

S: But I really love Mr Boffin, wehad we marry and have children…

M: Ah, I knew it, it's all your fault, if he had not left me because of you, I will have ever killed him !



M: OUPS…N: Oh no, you didn’t do that !

S: Miss Rose, you’re a monster. You have spoiled my happiness.

A: Miss Rose, I arrested for the murder of Mr Boffin You can silence !