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* Newsman : Kévin
* Reporter 1 : Valentin
* Toursit 1 : Jean
* Reporter 2 : Jérôme
* Tourist 2 : Alexis

Newsman : Good evening everybody, you're watching BBC 5. It'sthe eight O'clock news.
So, to start, we're going to speak about the Icelandic volcano which erupted the 14th of April.
The airports are steal blocked because the volcano has let out a huge cloud ofdust.
Lots of tourists are stranded in the 313 airports which are closed.
They are there because the flights have been canceled.
Lets listen to Valentin who is in JF Kennedy airport, in New-YorkCity, he's with an Icelandic toursit.
Well, Valentin, tell us about his situation.

Reporter 1 : Good evening ! So, I'm with Jean, he has been blocked here since the 14th of April.
So, how long haveyou been waiting here to know what happened ?
Tourist 1 : Well, Hell, I'm very angry because I have waiting here for 2 days and they said I couldn'tcome back in my country because of the cloud ofdust.
I have no more money to pay the hotel ! All the tourists must sleep here ! It's horrible.
Reporter 1 : I suppose it's very difficult, were you here to work ?
Tourist 1 : Yes, I couldn't callmy family, my employer... We don't know when this eruption will stop.
Reporter 1 : Of course, but the cloud might damage the planes, it's for your security...
Tourist 1 : I know, we just can waithere, we can only do that, waiting here...
Reporter 1 : The government will give you money tomorrow, do you think it is the good solution ?
Tourist 1 : No, It's not money I want, I just want to comeback home, I want something to do that, a boat for example.
Reporter 1 :Okay. Thank you Jean and good luck, so, as you heard, the persons have lots of problems in this airports.

Newsman : So, thepeople have been waiting since last Tuesday, you heard it's very difficult for them, the authorities feared the cloud might damage the planes... We will hear Jérôme, he is with Alexis, in Iceland....