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Ingénieur, Technicien Supérieur et Technicien

I) PROGRAMME OF ENGLISH A) Nouns Common / proper Mass / collective nouns Abstract / concrete Countable /uncountable Plural • zero plural • foreign words’ plural • plurals with different meanings Concord compound B) Articles Indefinite / definite/ zero article C) Adjectives Types of adjectives Order of adjectiveif more than one Comparative and superlative forms D) Adverbs

Types of adverbs (manner, place, degree, possessive, quantity, etc.) Order of adverbs (if more than one) Position of adverbs (initial, mid and final) E) Pronoums Personal / relfexive / emphatic / relative / possessive / interrogative / demonstrative / etc. F) Verbs Tenses (past, present, simple, continuous, perfect and future )Participle (present and past) Modals Auxiliaries Voice (passive . active) Style (direct/ indirect) Transitive / intransitive / intransitive / monotransitive Action / state Conditional SubjunctiveImperative G) Conjunctions Coordinating / subordinating H) Interjections / Exclamation I) Prepositions In, on, below, at, ,over, by , near, etc. Phrasal verbs , Complex prepositions (as a result of, byvirtue of, on account of, etc.) J) Correlatives either….. or neither…… or such…….as too…….for (infinitive) K) Question phrases /tags L) Punctuation marks M) Basic translation techniques (French intoEnglish and English into French)


N) Essay writing techniques II) THE TOPIC SHALL BE MADE UP OF: A passage of 15 to 20 lines for reading comprehension followed by five (5) comprehension...