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Paris, represents the elegance and refinement,
The capital became the reign of Louis XV, the capital of European fashion.
He attached importance to the seam and sent to Paris the best tailors.The historic heritage of the city of Paris and authenticity that able to persist over time gives Paris the status of "fashion capital".
Currently, Paris is known for its elegant side,refinement, savoir faire, its simplicity .. but despite attempts to bring out the characteristics of a confrontation with French style by English or Italian styles we find it hard to do out.
The Frenchstyle is not ...
The style Italian and English share the planet since the 50s, the 80s were dominated by the English style and Italian style dominated the 2000s.
The Italian fashion came only afterthe Second World War with the help of Americans, Ferregamo shoes and leather goods from Gucci became synonymous with Italian elegance portrayed by movie stars;
The know-how in the textileindustry italy number one spot.
The refinement, the accuracy of cuts, and the big names and the Italians as "made in italy" place in Milan as the fashion capital of Paris and London followed in lastplace.
On London, the English style is seen as a means of strong differentiation, a way to exist.
The codes of fashion come from royalty and tradition, but also and especially through the motions,punk, rock, grunge, fashion's most explosive and creative, but with less refinement and elegance that Paris Milan.
In conclusion Milan is the capital of fashion.
For my part, London is thecapital of fashion as it seeks creative, new challenge, they astound us with its creativity, its explosion of colors, its trash style and quirky, but fashion is that !.
Londoner Fashion has no limitsand allows a lot more thing that Paris and Milan who want to stay chic and sober.

The explosion of color and return to punk, rock or gives life to clothing and makes them more cheerful