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Pollution is a topical subject, we hear about it all the days: “global warming”, “nuclear waste”, “ice cap melt”, “lake of petrol” and others topics. A lot of people say to beconscious of these problems, but in reality, what are we doing to change? Road transportation is by far the leading culprit, accounting for 81% of the energy consumed by allmeans of transportation combined our beautiful earth needs us, that is to say we should give up private cars and opt for alternative means of transportation like bus, drive anelectric’s car, tramway, carpooling, etc.. These means of transportation are better to reduce the carbon dioxide and the toxicity in the air and avoid traffic jam.

37 millionof vehicles in France today, 80% of drivers are travelling alone. Carpooling is a practice which reduces the number of cars on highways. The first consequence isthe reduction of pollution and the emission of greenhouse gas emissions. This also allows the reduction of consumption of non renewable energy such as oil.
The bus is the mode oftransportation less polluting among those who use the fuel. A bus emits when it is half full, 40g CO2 per passenger kilometer. In urban areas, each bus is 40 to 50 fewercars on our roads. The bus is the perfect choice to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and contribute to improving air quality and environment.
A tram is planned inTours in 2013. Powered by electricity, it’s an ecological and a quiet transport because, unlike cars which emit carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide consumption of gasoline, the tram does not dismiss gas orsmoke, and do not pollute.

For all these reasons, I think we should disturbed our routine to bequeath a beautiful earth for the next generations.

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