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Do you agree with Britt’s belief that “you could have anything you wanted if only you try hard enough” ?
It is a well known fact that trying hard is the best way to achieveanything good, to succeed and to get more satisfied.
However, sometimes we try hard, and we are not rewarded for our efforts.
Yet, work can have advantages and be a pleasure.
The question is : can we haveanything we want if only we try hard enough ?

Let us begin with an examination of Britt’s point of view : she was an ambitious and independent woman, she studied at Oxford University and triedhard to succeed, thanks to her parents ‘encouragements and her own determination. Then she got a good job, which permit her to go up the social ladder. So she was convinced that those who work hardalways succeed.
However she felt alone, and I will try to explain why.

Actually, our current society develops the value of independence and not the value of solidarity. A person lives and works forherself or himself. Moreover the media and new technology give the image of easy life and independence. This behaviour prevents communication.
Furthermore, work is related to independence. It permits toacquire knowledge and to improve one’s status in society.
But when we work and advance in society, we are often alone and without the help of other people, we can only rely on the encouragement ofour family or good friends.
For example, some people leave the country where they were born to work in another country, some of them begin with odd-jobs to finish in the best jobs, and their familiesencourage them. A lot of French people go to the USA to try another way of life, to work and earn more money, so they may find a better life.
Moreover, we must take into account (tenir compte)thatsociety forces us to work and try hard, for example the French government likes to use the slogan : “work more to earn more”. In fact work and money are connected and we think that our life will be...