Anglais - rabbit proof fence

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1) Susan, Daisy, Gracie, Molly, Mrs Flanagan and Mr Neal are the six characters. There is just Mr Neal whose not present, just mentioned. The others are present.

2) The scene isset in the countryside:
- “Dry farmhouse kitchen” ( l.39-40 )
- “Inside was stored far machinery, implements and grain” ( l.50-51 )
- “The open woodlands” ( l.57 )

3) It's raining outside:
-“There's two girls outside and they're all wet” ( l.9 )
- “Letting the water trickle to the hems of their dresses then onto the timbered verandah” ( l.11-12 )
- “So Gracie dashed out into the rain tobring Molly inside the warm kitchen” ( l.22-23 )

4) a) Settlement
b) Absconders
c) Farmhouse

5) The three girls had plan to continue their way by the north and find the rabbit-proof fence forfinally follow it until Jigalong.

6) a) « Daisy and Gracie didn't accept the child's invitation to go inside, but stood politely on the verandah »
b) « they replied shyly »
c) « When she saw theirreluctance, she smiled and said, “It's alright, you won't be reported.” »
d) « “Well, I'm afraid you're going the wrong way.” »
e) « “We are going to find the rabbit-proof fence and follow it allthe way home to Jigalong,” Molly said. »

7) a) chunk
b) mesmerized
c) drowsy
d) overpowering
e) absconders

8) When the girls arriving at Mrs. Flanagan's farmhouse, they wore only dresses andwere all wet.

9) Molly decided to trust Mrs. Flanagan because the woman told her that she won't be reported and she was nice to the three girls.

10) I think yes, the three girls are kind of outof danger at the end of the extract, because Mrs. Flanagan decided to report the girls to Mr. Neal, which seems to be the principal of the settlement. Doing this, the woman will save the girls from abad sickness or any else natural danger.

11) Of course, Mrs. Flanagan is a warmhearted person, because she first greeted the three girls without judging, and made everything she could to the...