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Arnould Théo

Chocolate Mousse Re-visited
Ingredients : for 8 persons

Sugar 80g
Chocolate 200g
Liquid cream 60cl
2 tps of Cacao2 sachets of vanilla sugar
4 eggs
Pinch of salt

Ustensils needed
Food processor
1 large bowl
2 litlle bowls1 wooden spoon
1 Microwave

1. First, Separate the eggs, placing the whites into a little bowl. Break the chocolate into small pieces and putthem in another bowl. Add a little bit water in this bowl and put it in the microwave to 45 seconds.

2. Put liquid cream in the food processor.Whisk quickly to make a whipped cream. Add the two sachets of vanilla sugar.

3. When the chocolate is metled and the whipped cream seem ready,mix slowly with a wooden spoon in a large bowl.

4. Wash the food processor and place the egg whites in and whisk. Add a pinch of salt to theegg whites. Put there sugar .

5. When the egg whites are ready, mix them with the whipped cream and the chocolate.

6. Sprinklethe whole with cacao powder

History of this Recipe

It's my father who have « invented » this recipe. Precisely, he was inspired by an other recipe,the
But, real origins of the chocolate mousse are unknown. After being introduced to chocolate by Spanish, french chefs have been cooking with chocolatesince the early 17th century.

Real french recipe of chocolate mousse:

11 onces of dark chocolate; 6 eggs; 2 ounces butter; 1,7 of sugar; a pinch of salt.