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Complete the following summary with words taken from the text

The narrator, who lives in the state of New Hampshire, relates two stories taking place in the forest
of hisregion. One day a young student got lost there. After his disappearance many people looked for him. His body was found only a few months later.

More recently, a quite similar incident happened with aplane. Despite the efforts of the searchers, the aircraft war never seen again. According to the narrator, that part of the country is a strange place to live in.

1- Right or wrong. Answer andjustify by the quoting the text

a- The young man had been playing tennis with a friend before going home.
Wrong: « a young college student left a party » (l.1)
b- He got lost in the middle of theday.
Wrong: « it was dark » (l.3)
c- He didn't want to have a long walk in the forest.
Right: « He decided to take a shortcut in the woods » (l.4)
d- The following summer, he was found dead.
Wrong:« It wasn't until spring that someone walking in the woods stumbled on his body » (l.8)

2- Right or wrong. Answer and justify by the quoting the text

a- There were 200 passengers onboard.Wrong: « A small private jet with two people aboard » (l.10)
b- The landing conditions were bad on that particular day.
Right « Had to abort its approach as came into land at our local airport in poorweather » (l.11)
c- Nobody could explain the incident.
Right: « Abruptly and for reasons unknown, the plane came down in the woods » (l.16)
d- Very few people were ready to help.
Wrong: « With adozen planes and eleven helicopters augmenting more than 200 volunteer-searchers on the ground » (l.18)

3- Pick out from the text the words or sentences showing that

a- in the area the landscapeis always the same.
« Just one endlessly repeated scene » (l.28)
b- it's not uncommon for people to lose their way.
«  Every year at least one or two people on foot go missing, sometimes never to...
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