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Tuesday 21th of September 2010

English: Write a speech

Hello Kiddies! Let me begin by saying thank-you to all the adorable kids that are here and especially the teachers becausewithout their help, my presence here would not be possible. Hip hip hip Hourrah for the teachers!

You are all here for the same reason, not to watch the last Disney movie despite the fact thatit’s a fantastic movie but because you have at home, one little sister or one little brother. I know you fight with them from time to time because of various reasons such as who is going to the bathfirst or who is going to have two pizza’s slice… But I know that in your little hearts, you love them very much! And when you love someone, you have to help each others. Look, In Sponge Bob Squarepants, Patrick and Sponge Bob are always supporting each other in the bad moments… It’s the same for you and your little brother or sister. You have to help them! Help them in the way that a grave andmortal accident can occur at all time in your house. I know death is a big word for a ten year old child but it is the reality… Let me tell you something: when I was nine, I was playing in the kitchenlike I always did Sunday evenings. My mother was cooking my favorite meal, the most delicious cake in the entire world: the apple pie! I was so excited at the point that I was running all around theroom. Obviously the accident happened. I slept on the floor and guess what’s next? I didn’t die as you can see but I broke my left arm. It was so painful, maybe twice the pain that when you go to thedentist! I regretted all my life this moment… So do you want it to happen to your brother or sister? I don’t think so. Therefore, before it’s too late, be the saviors, like Superman, of your brothers andsisters!

Be the saviors by watching them every time he or she is in the bath. Every single evening, every single shower, every single minute of the wash. Also don’t do your homework or...