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Ringo Starr

Richard Starkey, aka Ringo Starr was born July 7, 1940 in suburban Liverpool.
After founding his 1st band in 1957 with Eddie Miles, The Eddie Clayton Skiffle group, he joined TheRaving Texans in which Rory Stom sang in 1959. He met the Beatles for the first time in Hamburg in October 1960 while playing with his band. He joined the Beatles August 18, 1962, which did not liked theearly Beatles fans who regretted Pete Best.
Ringo was very little written for the Beatles. His greatest success was certainly "Octopus's Garger" which appeared on "Abbey Road".

It is the onlygroup to have been less successful solo. One of his greatest success is the grouping of several stars of the music world for a concert where he released the album "Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band" in1990. He repeated the experiment in 1993 for Volume 2

George Harrison

George Harrison was born February 25, 1943, making him the youngest member of the Beatles.
George and Paul took the samebus to school and they quickly realized they had a common passion for music and guitar. They spent much time playing together. Too old to join the group, he lingered long in the Surroundings to idolizeJohn. The guitarist of the Beatles who have missed several concerts, he was replaced by George, who dragged her guitar with him. Gradually, he becomes a member of its own.
In the early Beatles,George sang as that John and Paul, by cons, he did not write yet unlike the other two. Later, he began to focus a little more on writing and his first for the Beatles song was "Do not bother me."Like other ex-Beatles, George had a very beautiful solo. His best album "All Things Must Pass" was released before the Beatles breakup. In 1988 he formed the group Wiburgs Traveling (with Tom Petty, BobDylan, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne) who should be the project of a single album but because of the success abtenu they released a 2nd album "Traveling Wiburgs, volume 3 in 1990.

In the 90s,...