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D.M « heart to heart »

In love, physical appearances matter. Discuss.

To begin with, in my opinion “physical appearances matter in love” is subjective for everyperson because people see every person differently about us. For instance I can find a boy is cute while Juliane can be disagree.

Besides, to my mind I think my glance is notattracted by people who have not a good physical appearance nevertheless my glance is attracted by people who have a good physical appearance, who are charismatic.
Sometimes,we can have a crush for somebody, but we are ashamed to present this person to our friends or to be with him or her in public.

What is more, when we know better a person thephysical appearance doesn’t matter. For example, 1 years ago, I meet one person, he is not handsome, but he is not ugly too. In short, he is a very good friend, and with himphysical appearances don’t matter.
Furthermore, I think if we love somebody for its appearance it is because we don’t really love the person, because the verb “love” doesn’t stopat physical appearance ! Love somebody its love for his personality, for what he is inside.
Moreover, somebody can be beautiful, but without any personality, like people wecan watch on the television.

The fact be in love to somebody makes her more beautiful for us. For example, do you know Hayden Panettiere, the famous actress who performs inHeroes ? She is in love to a bad boy and boxer called Vladimir Klitschko. I mean, he is not so handsome but she loves him, there is no physical reason except the fact that's atall guy but a bit ugly.

In conclusion , for my part I think that physical appearances matter a little bit. But the more important it is what people have inside their hearts.