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Y: Why do you want this job??
Q: i want this job because i'm unemployment for 6 months so i need money for my family
Y: ensuite je peux te demander si tu as des enfantsQ: yes ,i have 1 children
Y :et là je dis : So you have a good relationship with children
Q :yes, Of course i love children's
Y: Have you already worked in a travel agency and ifyes what did you do??
Q: yes ,i have already worked in a travel agency for 5 years in london and i have organised a travel in spain ,near to barcelona for almost 20 people so i have alot of expériences,
Y:Are you more a guide or a person who inform the customers??
Q:i can do the two thinks :inform and guide the custormers
Y : Je réponds : So you speak a fewlanguages. And where do you travel??
Q: yes indeed i speak 3 language fluently:spanish ,french et english
Y: What are your skills? (compétence)
Q: i'm sociable and receptive but alsoserious talkative,i've been in a lot of countries in my life so i can explain easily how the traveller must do for the billets or in the aéroport,,,
Y : OOOh it's very interesting !! So,do you have questions??
Q: We don't speak about my salary and my holidays.
Y: Oh sorry I forget the most important!! Your salary depend on how many travel you do and you workprincipally during the school holidays. In fact, it's the moment where there are the most of visitors. And you have break beetween two travels of course. Is it not a matter with your family?because you will not be able to see them often!!
Q: oh no they have the habits!!
Y: Ok your are the man we need. You have a travel in two weeks and it's an essai. In the visitorsthere will be an inspector with the visitors.
Q: Thank you very much !!
Y: oh your welcome. Good travel. You are going to receive the informations about it tomorrow!
Q: ok good bye !!!