Anglais, a world with qualities and defaults

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By way of introduction, in the text the description of the world is a world which might have changed for the worse but have become a better place. In my opinion, it’s one of the way how I seethe world where we live. A world with qualities and defects. We can wonder what are the aspects of our world. I will analyze firstly the positive points and finally I will focus on the negativepoints of the world.
On the one hand, I will speak about the positive aspects. To begin, the world in which we live is more open grace initially at the new technology which allows morecommunication in the world like the many networks, internet and the phone. Then, the various means of transport which bring more travels abroad and new sites of tourism like hotels in Dubaï andrestaurants which allow of discover new cultures, new countries. Moreover, at the political level too, more and more countries become democracies, with more liberty of expression and of acts for thepeople.
In spite of all these changes in the world these years, progress remains unequal. All countries don’t profit of these evolutions.
On the other hand, I can express les negativeaspects. Thus, in this world there are many inequalities, the democracies which I spoke before aren’t presents everywhere. It remains dictatorships and royalties like in Cuba or in Morrocco. In theworld where we live there are always wars like Irak’s. Furthermore, misery is very present, only rich territories try to manage poverty. So, in Africa, majority of countries are very poor.Besides, I see the world where we live like a polluted world, where most of the population doesn’t feel concerned by problems of ecology. This is still rich countries which much pollute.
Toconclude, I can say that I see the world like a world with a lot of progress and open, but with many inequalities and where we try to respect the nature but where there is always much pollution.