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After the second world war, the worls was separated in two blocs (competiting group of countries) , There were the east led by USSR a country who was communist and the other the west led bythe USA a capitalis country,
The USA created the north athlantic treaty oraganisation to fight (NATO in 1949) against a threat; the soviet occuped eastern europe countries. Them theycreated the warsaw pact in 1955.
The USA wanted to stop comminism in the world consequently they created the south asia treaty creation (SEATO in 1954) and the Baghdad pact , the purpose ofthese alliences was to encircle china and USSR.
They expected countries to join either the west or the est but some of didn't want to . They adopted a position of non alignment .
India was amember of these neutral countries . She said that she wanted to uphold the principle of freedom . Nehru the prime minister of india became a member of the british commonwealth and had relationswith the west. And he also developed contact with countries of the east . Nehru made apply five principles for the USSR and China for their future relations .
In 1955 Nehru organised aconference led at Bandung in Indonesia, They were president Sukarno of indonesia president Nasser of Egypt and 29 representatives of both asian and african continent ,
Among these countriessome were algned with the east other with the west and most of them were not algned. These poor contries and with a little power in affairs decided to stimulate co operation between the it wasthe aim o the conference . To became together a force in the world.
Nehru and Nasser after the success of the conference wanted to extend the influence of non algned nations , In 1961 theresult of a conferance was the foundation of non algned movement.
This movement starts to lose its influence , And many of non aligned countries nations go with the east or the west ,